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Reviews of 52 Weeks of Worthiness

"Translates to healthy growth"

Doris H.


Kristin first suggests you identify what your core values are and why. This is the backbone to what I interpret as part of the book’s purpose. Self awareness is always the first step, in any goal to bring about change or a realization. When you look within to your core values, you have an immediate significance that feels very unique and personal to you. It’s how you gauge what you allow to challenge your feelings of worth and what you don’t. And people grow through challenges and how you respond to those.

She does a great job at sharing her heart about different topics, gives practical advice, and it's meant to be read weekly, while giving focus and a weekly challenge. The scripture she felt pertains to each topic is listed to support your further pondering and study.

Women struggle with their sense of value, weather they freely admit it or not, or weather you have the self awareness to realize it or not! Some more than others. If you don’t, you are lucky. In her writings, she brings about the focus of what matters the most with such real honesty, and best of all, why you should feel worthy at all times, because you are!

It’s what makes the book precious. Her book is meant to bring value to each women reading it, by reminding them they are worthy.

She challenges you to think about or do something that will bring you to the realization of walking the encouraged biblical path in any of the topics chosen for the book’s chapters. That translates to healthy growth in character and walking in faith. Spiritual growth.

Thank you for sharing your heart & soul. Your knowledge from having walked the walk, to help other women become stronger & truer to self.

"Spoke to me"

- Tammie B.

"Your book was soooo amazing. God literally spoke to me throughout allllll the pages.

Your words were powerful."

"Reminding me that I'm worthy"

- Kathi M.

"Kristin, thank you for reminding me that I’m worthy. Thank you for continuing to do God’s Work God Bless you!"

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