Kristin Martinez is the founder of Sarai’s Mirror Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging and empowering women to discover their true sense of worth, through a deeper understanding of God’s grace, love and power.

As she details in her sessions, Kristin lived her life as a "people pleaser" but has since transformed to a woman whose mission is to honor God first. Kristin began conveying her life experience to inspire and empower women of all ages and all backgrounds to accept themselves as they were made in the eyes of God, and to proudly embrace their unique individuality. 

Her efforts with Sarai's Mirror are dedicated to fulfilling her deepest desire - that all women learn to overcome the negative mindset to which they often succumb and begin to realize their inherent worth.

Kristin is a Certified Biblical Life Coach and trained as a Stephen Minister.

Her recent book, “52 Weeks of Worthiness,” is designed to help women embrace their worthiness every day. Her book is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other nationwide retailers.