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"As I went about my day to day living, I had more encounters with women in public places, saying negative things about themselves as they looked into a mirror.  This is everywhere, and has been going on a very long time, I thought to myself. 

Still, I had no name. It was imperative for me that the name had some biblical reference. So that’s where I started. Asking God to guide me, I opened my Bible and started reading the stories of women many of us are familiar with. Finally it came. Sarai. She is the matriarch and had so many things going for her that she did not see. She was at the beginning of time.


Not realizing our own self-worth is not something new. Sarai struggled with the issue just as we do today. As you read her story in Genesis, you will learn that her name was later changed to Sarah and Abram’s to Abraham. I chose to use her original name for 2 reasons: 

1) The uniqueness of it. 

2) She had that name most of her life.

Sarai and Abram’s story begins in Genesis 11:29"

As told by Kristin Martinez, President of Sarai's Mirror

Kristin Martinez, President


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